Cannabis Shops And Dispensaries

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Mostly known as a cannabis shop or marijuana dispensary, these are locations where marijuana is sold for medical or recreational use. Since marijuana can not be filled and prescribed at a pharmacy, dispensaries exist to sell marijuana products to people. Both medical and recreational dispensaries are available depending on what area you live in. We will go over the basic things to know before you enter a marijuana shop.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Depending on what area you live in, there may be a medical marijuana dispensary near you. There a few things to know before you travel to your nearest location. Medical marijuana shops have various marijuana products for medicinal purposes, such as mental illness, and chronic pain. If you fall into the category of needing marijuana for your health then a medical marijuana dispensary may be for you.

There are a few documents that you need to obtain if planning on getting any products from a medical shop. You will need a doctor’s recommendation and a medical cannabis certification. You may need other documents as well, so it would be best to call up your doctor and a dispensary to get the necessary information.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

A recreational shop is for individuals who use marijuana for enjoyment purposes and not necessarily for medical use, but for pleasure. These people are commonly called recreational users. In order to enter a cannabis shop, all you typically need is your I.D. that confirms you are 21 years or older.

What Can I find In a Cannabis Shop?

Depending on what kind of shop you go to, you will find various products and services. You will see everything from smoking products, edibles, to topical creams, and beauty items infused with THC. Some shops even cater to a specific audience that has a special niche about their shop.

Special Shops

More shops are popping up everywhere since more regions are legalizing marijuana. You will find specialty shops that sell specific products and services, like a weed cafe serving coffee and tea infused with THC. There are many dispensaries and shops out there for just about anybody. Here are some special marijuana shops listed that you may be interested in:

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Cafe
  • Spa
  • Bakery
  • Pet products
  • Cosmetics


A Budtender is a title given to a person who works in a dispensary. Their purpose is to help people and clients with their needs, offer advice, answering questions that you may have, and tell you about their products. A budtender is very helpful when you are looking for something specific and not sure where to start. Budtenders are there to help you with any questions or concerns, so don’t be afraid to conversate with them.

How Can I Find Dispensaries Near Me

If you live in an area where weed is legal then, most likely there are many shops available to you. The best way to locate shops and dispensaries would be to google and research shops you may be interested in. Talking to people is a good way to learn about the local shops near you as they may have testimonials and reviews about a certain shop.

What I Should Know Before Visiting A Shop

There are a few important things you should know or do before visiting any weed shops. Whether going to medical or recreational shops you should know what your goal is. If going to a medical marijuana shop, ask yourself what issues you are having so that the budtender knows exactly what to advise and which products may work best for you. If you are visiting a recreational shop you should have an idea of what you want to experience or stay away from, so that the budtender can advise a specific strain for you. It would be wise to note if you have any health issues and disclosing that to your doctor and budtender to avoid any possible side effects.

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